Learn about our social impact indicators, based on the UN 2030 agendas.

1500kg Distributed mushroom

SDG02 - Eradicate hunger - For Shimejito it means facilitating access to healthy food, produced locally for the largest number of people, through decentralized production and distribution, with direct income in support of the local producer.  See our indicator, which demonstrates the amount of mushrooms we have distributed in Portugal so far, since November 2020.

24 People invovled

SDG08 – For Shimejito By diversifying the forms of work Creating decent work opportunities for those who choose our model. Aligned with technological innovation, modernization of the agricultural sector and access to financial services, we thus raise the level of economic sustainability and prosperity of communities. 

5 shades/month

SDG12 - sustainable production and consumption by making efficient use of natural resources by transforming agroforestry waste into mycelialized substrates and in their entire value chain, through our Viriato Additive. This ensures a circular economy. 

200a.m of training

SDG13 - Climate action - For Shimejito it means dedicating all our knowledge to empowering Communities and thus tranforming decision-making and action processes. Our method drives conscious development in emerging Agriculture 4.0. We provide products that bring knowledge, tools and good practices to create technology-based agricultural business solutions, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

1500 trees

SDG15 – Protecting terrestrial life - For Shimejito it means promoting sustainable forest management through reforestation. In partnership with Smart Forest, we will plant 1500 trees in the European ecosystem. In addition, our solution allows the production of 600 tons per year of our Additive, per productive module, with a direct impact on carbon capture.