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Our production process uses our proprietary technology and allows us to grow fresh, high-quality mushrooms anywhere.

Thanks to our technology and the precision farming techniques adopted we are able to grow our products saving time and water, reusing the waste generated throughout the process to create our powerful soil additive.

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Shiitake Powder

Shiitake powder is the perfect supplement for a healthy and regular diet. They can be added to any food or meal, and even to beverages. They are the fastest and easier way to benefit from the shiitake nutritional properties...

Mushroom Batteries

This is the first renewable mushroom battery and our Limited edition is available for enthusiasts and schools.

0.4v ~ 0.9v



Aditivo Viriato

Our mycelium-based soil additives are the perfect boost for any plant’s root system. Naturally prepared from the sawdust used to clean the Alcaide pine forests and enriched through the Shimejito method. Mycorrhizal fungi are living organisms that have beneficial effects on plant growth...

Dehydrated Mushrooms

Any type of mushroom is rich in protein, fiber, and energy and has a low-fat percentage. Their nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. Have several health benefit like...