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Tired to work hard and don't be free at all? Capitalism loves hard workers and hates creative ones.

What if you start to change your career today, without spending any money?

That's why it's so important to us to talk about mushrooms and discuss the psychedelic renaissance, be our guest to start your mushroom culture trip now, this is our special gift playlist for you, Shimenauta.

In our Youtube channel you will see our history, from a small initiative started in Brasilia until now.

Urban Farm

Grow 6 tons of mushrooms per year using our method and proprietary technology, in a space of only 70 square meters. Shimejito guarantees the purchase and distribution of the crops grown by its farmers.

Join our movement and be part of the engine of a sustainable economy.

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Work against climate change, in Europe.

The Soft Landing program prepare yourself for the next step in your career, You will get formation to be able to move to work in Europe, make an internship at Shimejito. learn how to open and run your ESG business or either work with our partners.


Impact your local community by opening a Shimejito Hub, a multi-purpose shop and authorized seller of Shimejito’s products.

Shimejito hub is more than a café and more than a minimarket, it is a meeting point for like-minded people.