Shimejito Hub

Create a new way to avoid long-distance food and the abuse over small producers from regular distributor is a mission for us.

If you have an entrepreneur spirit and likes to take calculated risks, the Shimejito Hub is the best option to work with us.

Just choose a region with more than 250 thousand inhabitants.

There we will install our carbon neutral pop-up supermarket, which takes products and services from urban agriculture directly to the customer's home, in addition to the sale of all Shimejito products.

This is our revolutionary method of reinventing franchising as a franchisee service, join us Today.

Do you live in a smart city?

Smart city, smart agriculture



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What is the Shimejito Hub?

Medium and large physical space where there is a digital supermarket that takes family farming products directly to the customer's home; selling all Shimejito products at a profit of 10% to 15%; possibility of selling Bio Factories and Urban Farms with commission; event space for workshops, lectures; coffee shop.

What is the physical structure of a Shimejito Hub?

The Shimejito Hub is a Pop-up Store concept made out renewable materials, including Mycelium based construction boards and designed by Ines Barros, an amazing Shimenauta that's also an very creative architect and artist.

We build Shimejito hub in two versions, basic ( 25m2) and advanced (40m2) both with:

  1. Floor waterproofing;

  2. Proprietary anti fungal and antibacterial protection;

  3. Digital vending-screen;

  4. Wi-fi router

  5. Spawnfoam's construction boards ;

  6. Construction steel;

  7. Solar panels

Is there any training for Shimejito hub owners and employees?

The option for a free course, when you buy a Shimejito hub is available, with no impact on pricing.

We offer the training for qualified Shimenautas. The hub doesn't have employees.

How does Shimejito choose the best sites for the hub?

To have the best results for our partners and the communities, we propose the installation of hubs where the population density is above 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) inhabitants within a radius up to 100 (hundred) km.

The population is our ratio for a successful business venture and is also our limit for the installation of further shimejito hubs, controlling competition amongst partners.

How does Shimejito hub makes money?

Shimejito maintains a marketplace integrated with social networks, where it will be possible to sell our mushroom products directly to the end consumer, restaurants, and grocery stores while large-scale distribution to food distribution centers, supermarkets, and restaurants takes place through established partnerships.

The hub is paid by the sales of the local food production integrated in our system and by its regular services, workshops, events, training sessions.

Which advantages I have by selling the products and services through Shimejito's website?

Yes, there is a possibility of commissioning. For Shimenautas is up to 5%, for hubs, as retailers they can go up to 15% sales commissions.

Standard Version

For Franchise Beginners


50k euros + IVA

Financing options

ROI after 18 months

Advanced Version

For Franchise Experts


65k euros + IVA

Financing options

ROI after 18 months

How I Know I'm qualified to buy?

Check-list - 3 steps to the future.

Book your hub in our services Shop ( 900 euros for Standard, 1500 euros for Advanced)

Have a Shimenauta verified profile

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