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The revolutionary way to include and feed your ideas

What is the Mushroom Snack ads?

Ensuring that your digital ad printing will actually impact your customer or audience is increasingly difficult.

We are living in a world full of Bots, fake profiles, alienating options that don't make your message reach those who need it because there is too much noise. And worst: The need of an equipment that requires a battery, a software and a destructible supply chain, the smartphone or the laptop.

Digital marketing needs preparation and strategy, both costs a lot. Big tech companies thrives on users mistakes, offering pennies to make an add that will not result without an expert help.

What can we do to give more access to people that is not integrated or the youth who will live in our future world with all the consequences of the Anthropocene?

In addition, the price: to get a good conversation and reach many people, you have to invest considerable sums of money, and audiovisual production, things that small companies and startups have difficulty accessing, especially less digital initiatives.

Our creation, the "Snack ads" allow you to share your initiative with the world in such an efficient way that for every print you make you help us distribute 50g of gluten free snacks, with mushroom flour that really feeds and helps communities affected by climate change, today!

You can choose the region of the world where you want your story to be told or let us give shimejito personally deliver to each person who will receive the snack.

Why this is best than a regular digital marketing media, social media or marketplaces?

The format was designed so that your audience can get to know not only your work, but also other proposals that are changing the world for the better and actually combating global warming. No greenwashing.

Associate your brand or project with the shimenautas community and be part of the revolution today.

Choose the text size, 45 or 75 words or even a QR code with an exclusive landing page that allows you to track your conversion rate in an extremely simple way.

Ads that educate and feed.

While competitors continue to sell ultra-processed flour doughs, our artisanal process guarantees a fresh, uniform, made-to-order, waste-free product, collectible and unique packaging, educational texts on climate activities and a comic strip that tells how mushrooms will help to overcome the Anthropocene as humanity.

Welcome to the psychedelic renaissance.

Shimejito - Mushroom Culture


45 words

block layout

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Title + 75 words

2.22 x 2.22 cm image

news column layout


QR code at 2.2 x 2.2 cm

Shimejito blog page

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