Mushroom coffee

A different drink, to energize, focus and improve your immunity. The benefits of mushrooms and organic coffee, both 100% natural, produced in a circular way.

They are the fastest and easier way to benefit from the mushroom's nutritional properties.

Our coffee powder blend is made of organic mushroom, Shiitake as an example is rich in polysaccharides that protect against cell damage, help the general immune system, and boost white blood cell production to fight microbes. We also combine Lion's mane, Reishi, Shimeji, Pleurotus and Eryngii.

Smart - Red

The smart package is for beginners that want the quick start for the brain with less caffeine and no stomach pain.

It contains 50g of mushroom mix + 200g of pure fair trade arabica coffee your beverage will be creamy and you barely can feel the mushroom taste.

The perfect infusion to start your day or get back to work.

Sharp - Purple

Do you know when you need focus, but you can't get more coffee? Be our guest and try the Mushroom Coffee - Sharp purple version.

25% pure mushroom mix powder in your coffee.

It contains 62.5g of our mushroom mix powder and 187.5g of pure organic fair trade coffee, hand-made grounded by us to get you the amount of extra energy you need for complicated tasks.

Tip: try to make a latte and tell us your experience.

Power - Green

Sometimes you need a break, with a good detox for your system. Let's use the power of mushrooms to do it.

Mushrooms have the ability to improve your immune system, they have special adaptogens that your body can benefit from when you start to use them in a daily basis.

The Mushroom Coffee - Power green is our strongest blend, with 84g of pure mushrooms it contains 1/3 of mushrooms.

It's ideal to start to use less caffeine in your routine without losing energy. Enriching your flavour in your daily hot beverage.